Museum Blog Round Up: 3

A friend pointed out an interesting post on Fresh + New about the Ontario Science Centre’s weekly podcasts on their Redshift Now site. The post explores the numbers (how many downloads) and where visitors are picking up episodes (iTunes and elsewhere). (I’ll try to see about collecting and sharing some of the number’s from our own Vodcasting efforts.)

Fresh + New goes on to examine aggregation, and asks whether we should replace our manual efforts with some sort of an automated one…

So could/should we individually, or collectively build a ‘Google News’ of museums? Is this even possible?

This is not completely unrelated to the converstation that’s been happening at the Walker Art Center, So what is a “blog carnival”? While on the Walker blog we are discussing more “manual” solutions, I recently toyed with the idea that we might be able to create some sort of a combined RSS Feed.

In other blogs…

Museum Madness blogs about the Walker? The new addition to the Walker Art Center that is. While Loreto Martin fills us in on Warhblog (I blogged Andy Warhol).

Eye Level takes a look at photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, it includes a podcast of a recent lecture. TechStyle reports on the opening of the Pixar Exhibition at the Science Museum (London).

MODE continues to post the Museum Photo of the Week, this one from WA Medical Museum. You can even submit your own photos. Minnesota Science Center’s Science Buzz, Buzz Blog looks the European Space Agency’s Venus Express spacecraft.

Assembly let’s us in on a secret. Museum Pro is still all new and coming soon, and finally Mario Bucolo has started an old fashioned Webring.

If that wasn’t enough, the Museum Blog Round Up: 2 and the original Museum Blog Round Up are still available.

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