Nevada coal plant stopped! (For now?)

smokestack.jpgJust last year we designed the Website for the Nevada Clean Energy Coalition. Today’s Reno Gazette-Journal is reporting Sempra to sell interest in Nevada power project. This development was not completely unexpected as we posted a story that Sempra Energy had halted its federally required environmental study earlier in the month.

Sempra is selling the development rights which means another company could step in and continue development. The company spokesman Art Larson…

“We are selling development rights to Granite Fox and for the Idaho project. Whomever buys those development rights will take the projects forward from that point,” Larson said.

However, we’re hopeful that this the last nail in the coffin for this “19th Century” power plant. The article quotes David Rumsey part of the Nevada Clean Energy Coalition…

“They are getting out of the coal business,” said Rumsey, whose home on the Smoke Creek Desert is surrounded by a nature preserve. “I’m hopeful there will not be another power company foolish enough to try to take over the Granite Fox project.”

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