Museum Blog Survey: Follow up

We got quite a response from our “Museum Blogs and Community Sites Survey” last week.

We received a number of pointers to additional blogs as well as rapid links from Hanging Together, Mario Bucolo Museums Blog, the Walker Art Center Blogs, NetSquared, Loreto Martin, and others. In addition, for the first time our blog received more visits that our portfolio site here at Ideum, in fact visitation was higher by a 2-to-1 margin.

Our modest survey seems to have caught somewhere around three-quarters of the museum and museum-related blogs that are out there. (Of course there are probably still others.) A number of the blogs we missed were either new with February and March starts, or we simply didn’t find them through any of the search engines or other museums sites we surveyed.

Museums blogs and blogs by museums professionals are simply not easy to find, which might help explain why our survey could miss so many sites, and perhaps why the survey itself has garnered so much interest.

As probably most of you know, blogs become more visible–that is they gain “more authority” in blog search engines like Technorati by being linked to. (Most traditional search engines also use “popularity” as a way to rank results, too.) Since most museum blogs are new they don’t tend to have much “authority.”

As a group, we (museum blogs) could do a better job of linking to each other more often, and paying more attention to each other’s efforts. Our blog is going to start right here, right now.

Below is a complete list of links to the museum blogs found in the survey including those we missed. Please feel free to cut and paste this list (not just cite the posting) and we’ll all gain “authority.”

We intend to update the survey soon, adding all of the additional information for the new sites and revising the summary & methodology and the conclusion. This probably won’t happen until next month at the earliest. Until then, here’s the current list…

Blogs not included in the original survey
Exhibit Commons
NYC Museum Education Roundtable
Loreto Martin
Hamilton (Canada) Museum Educators Group
Audience Research
Portable Antiquities Blog
Museum Connect
Museum Madness
Modern Art Notes

Art Museums
Tacoma Art Museum Docents Blog
Goldwell Open Air Museum Blog
Walker Blogs (6 blogs)
Bronx Mus(eum)ings
Art @ the Katzen
Contemporary-Pulitzer Blog
Eye Level

Children’s Museums
The Children’s Museum Blog

History Museums
Port Moody Station Museum Blog
Dallas History Forum

Science Museums
RedShift Now
Science Buzz

About Museums
Museum Guru
Museum People’s Journal
Hanging Together
The Curator’s Egg
Museums and the Web
Museum Photographers Blog
Skillful Minds
Museum Pro
Ideum Blog
Mario Bucolo Museums Blog

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