“Reconfiguring” a bad idea

Last year, we designed a site for the Nevada Clean Energy Coalition to assist their efforts to stop the construction of a coal burning power plant. Late last week, we learned in the Reno Gazette Journal that Sempra Energy has halted work on its federally required environmental study.

Sempra spokesman Doug Kline in San Diego said the company is holding back on all of the permits while “reconfiguring the project design, based on talks with potential partners and potential customers.”

Apparently, the potential customers in California have no appetite for “dirty energy” produced by coal burning power plants.

Kline said new regulations coming in California to forbid importing coal-fired power is the biggest reason for changing the plant design. The policy forbids investor-owned utilities from signing long-term contracts for power that pollutes more than natural-gas fired plants.

The article goes on to say that the study has been halted for 3 to 6 months. Personally, we hope this is the end of this project which if built would put tons of toxins into the air, draw billions of gallons of ground water each year (yes, billions), and have a life-span of over fifty years. Wouldn’t it be something if energy companies actually innovated and used some of the viable alternative energies that exist? Shouldn’t America’s energy companies be developing the technologies for the 21st century, rather than using those from the 19th?

While we’re optimistic about this new development, the fight is not over. If you’d like to sign the petition or donate to the Nevada Clean Energy Coalition, please do so.

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